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About Steve. 

Steve Joll is a radio host and Warhammer 40k nut from New Zealand. He has collected and played Black Templar, Drukhari, Necron, Tau, Space Wolf and Imperial Knights armies with varying degrees of success. Actually, success might be too strong - with varying degrees of mediocrity. 

He is also part of a small group in Wellington that organises 40k events. 

Here's the deal: 40K is supposed to be fun. In a world that is serious and big

and where adulting is hard, 40K is an escape. So the podcasts are all about

celebrating the people who make Warhammer 40,000 the greatest hobby

in the world. 

Follow him on facebook or instagram for pics of painting and what not. 

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About 40k Game Changers. 

There are 2 seasons of 40k Game Changers. This podcast seeks out those people who have had the biggest influence on how we view the game of Warhammer 40k - from the way we paint and collect to the way we play and create content. Our guests all have one thing in common: they are 40k Game Changers . 

From the man many call the GOAT when it comes to playing the game, to the best known battle report creator, to people who coach and others who are trail blazers for other reasons, and even the man who created the game itself! The best in the business are all here. 

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About Champions. 

Coming soon! 

A limited run series that celebrates the Champions of the World! The 40k world, that is. 

Champions of a chapter or faction, champions of a cause or a country, champions of a way to play or a community. In depth discussions about what it takes to be a champion, how they got there and the state of the partcular part of the 40k world they love. 

We're going to feature champions of Sisters and Wolves, champions of Canada and an actual champion of the whole wide world. 

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