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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Duncan is a legend. How else would we know about '2 thin coats' if not for him. When he left Games Workshop to go it alone (with Roger) the news nearly broke the internet. So, how's he doing?

In this episode Duncan and Steve cover a lot of ground. How he got started in the hobby, how he got into GW, how proud his Dad was when he made the move away. Did you know that he and Peachy have been friends since forever?

Oh, we also cover life as a 40k celebrity, why he won't enter painting competitions, and which brush is best.

A shout out to the amazing Richard Hughes too ... he's the reason I was able to do this interview in the first place. Richard generously introduced Duncan and I and set it all up. #props

I'm really please he did that - and pretty happy with the result. Have a listen.

Or check it out on You Tube:

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