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At the very start of this episode I confess to being nervous about interviewing Nick. Not because he's any sort of ogre, but because I want this series of podcasts to be positive. To be a celebration of the people who make our hobby great.

Nick Hayden is a nice guy, and a lot of fun. This I knew because I saw him on Tabletop Titans playing against Adrian and all the way through that game he was nothing but fun. And if he's a friend of Adrian's then he must be a good guy. It just stands to reason.

But he has had some controversial moments. He has a reputation for calling people out in his articles and for letting people know when he doesn't think something is right.

In this ep, Nick and I talk about his motivations, and what got him started in this role, which he sees more as a crusade to make the game great for everybody and to stamp out bullying or bad behaviour. We also go further back and find out what he loves about the hobby and why his blog is called 'Blood of Kittens'!

I hope you enjoy it.

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