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Is it a bird, is it an Ad Mech plane? No! It's Bat Mani!!! He made the England team aged 18, he's won almost everything you can name in the UK. He's the number 1 player in Europe and in the top few in the ITC. And he's a LOT of fun.

Mani Cheema and Dan Bates started Glasshammer Gaming a few years back. They create content and now run a store and gaming hub in their local community. They also coach other players and both men play for England in the WTC.

Mani is known as Jammy Mani because he rolls 6's exactly when he needs to and in unreasonable quantities. He's also the kind of guy that will wear a Batman onesie at a 40k tournament. Come on, now - that's just funny.

In this episode we talk about all of this, and we address the controversy that has dogged him this year and the backlash he faced online. Say what you like, I like Mani, and this is a super fun chat.

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