• Steve Joll


The man known as The Machine is a coach, a scholar, a professor and a writer for Goonhammer. Oh, he's also maybe the best 40k player in the world over the past few years.

Cards on the table, I met Richard a year or so back and have always just liked the guy, so I come into this a little biased. He's a softly spoken man who is maybe the most genuinely nice opponent to face, according to folks in the know, like Nick Nanavati.

In this episode I liken him to Tiger Woods when Tiger was in his prime, or Jack Nicklaus, or Jordan, or whoever you want from any given sport or game. He's the man to beat. no matter the rankings or stats, if Richard Siegler turns up to an event, then he is the hot favourite to win.

Is he the GOAT? Maybe. There have been plenty of great players, but it's hard to think of anyone as dominant.

Is he a Game Changer? You bet ... when Richard comes up with a list, people take note. He has some great stories to share, and some high level insights. Have a listen.

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