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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Lawrence Baker - the legend behind one of the most watched 40k batrep channels on the planet, Tabletop Tactics, talks about marriage, Australia, doing this with his friends - oh, and 40k.

Here it is.

Just over a year ago I travelled to London. Before I went I messaged Lawrence from Tabletop Tactics and asked if there was any chance I could swing by and see the studio set up - professional interest and what not. As it happened he was in the middle of shifting everyone to Bath, but he offered to catch up for dinner and a beer.

Which we did.

Lawrence is the nicest guy in a hobby full of nice guys. Not only did we talk and laugh for a couple of hours over dinner and beers (more than one) - he paid for it all!!

I mentioned to Lawrence that evening that I was keen to get a podcast up and running.

A little over a year later he is my first guest on 40k Game Changers. And after a couple of months of being in development, episode one is finally live.

Have a listen. I'd love to know what you think!

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