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Tanya is a bad ass boss. A trail blazing woman in a hobby dominated by men. She's also - like a lot of us - just a 40k player who just happens to love rolling dice, having fun with friends and talking hobby.

Disclaimer: I've known Tanya for a couple of years. All the way back before Covid was a thing we worked together on a podcast called 40k Today. That podcast went the way of so many projects, and now we're each off doing other things.

Tanya has gone on to be a cast member on Forge the Narrative - one of the biggest 40k podcasts in the world - with Paul Murphy, has her own show called Be Nice, Roll Dice, has played games on Play on Tabletop and Miniwargaming and is good friends with the likes of Skari.

She's blazing a trail as a woman in this game and setting an example for other women who follow.

Also, she's a hell of a lot of fun. Have a listen and let me know what you think -


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