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  • Steve Joll

TJ lannigan

He cheated. He admitted it and apologised and was banned. He was stripped of points and titles and he has, for nearly a year, paid the price. And yet ...

There are still memes, there are still cheap shots on social media, there is still anger. The more I have looked into 'the incident' in which TJ Lannigan was caught on camera, cheating at a GT, the more I have found that the angriest people have the least information.

This episode seeks to provide balance. To look a little deeper. To hear from TJ himself about what happened and why, but also to hear from the TO at the event in question, and people who know TJ well.

It's easy to just watch one carefully edited video, and to read a few comments, and then to put your stake in the ground and say 'this is wrong'! It's harder to hear the other side of the story and, just maybe, realise that there is more to TJ Lannigan than one bad game.


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