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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

There are few people as influential in the game right now as the Falcon, given how much stock is placed in the stats he brings us. So having him on 40k Game Changers was a must. And where would he be without Val?

Val Hefflefinger is a longtime podcaster, a top player, former member of the Canadian ETC team, and an all round good guy. Pete is the pioneer of number crunching in a hobby that just loves numbers.

Peter Falcon Colosimo

On a personal note, there are few people in the game as boss as Val. He is one of the most generous, self effacing, supportive people I've come across. Behind the scenes he was one of the first people to love the idea for this series of podcasts, and when I invited him to be part of it, he very quickly threw all the praise on Pete.

Val Hefflefinger

So here they are. In this episode we find out how Mister Colosimo earned himself the name 'The Falcon', how these two met, and what motivates them. Also there are two cracking 40k passport stories.

Have a listen! I'd also love to hear any feedback about the podcast.

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